Mr Magoo is the delicious nutritional shake aiding parents in ensuring that children consume the required nutrients to promote healthy growth.


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This Kids Shake provides essential nutrition including protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Promoting healthy growth and development

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What our Happy Clients Say

My kids love love love their Mr Magoo shake, they have it every morning with breakfast. If I don’t hide the shake, they will sneak into the kitchen and make themselves a shake whenever they can!!!

Anel FerrieraCustomer

As a Mom I’ve found Mr Magoo to be an amazing product that I use for my little boy of 3 years old.  Especially as a snack, or even when he’s sick and doesn’t have an appetite.

It’s delicious, and he LOOVES it.  We call it a “Chocolate” milky in our house, and it’s used to bribe him away from unhealthy snacks and sweets. Not only am I comfortable giving it to him, whenever his sugar levels are low, but the knowledge that its healthy and giving him all his nutritional needs is comforting!  It’s really great for “busy little people”

Liza PaganiCustomer

Both my kids love Mr Magoo shake. They think it is  milkshake and a treat, not a nutritional meal which is great!

Maudi BothaCustomer

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Treat the young ones with a healthy shake
Nutritional shake bursting with vitamins